Our Moringa Is Grown With Love

Although the Moringa Tree is grown in other parts of the world such as Africa and Central America, Moringa is actually native to India. It has grown there for thousands of years, particularly in the foothills of the Himalayas and the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu. It's where it's happiest. And our Moringa powder is no exception. 

Organically grown in the fertile soils of Tamil Nadu, Southern India by a co-operative of 200 small hold farmers, our moringa leaves are completely free of nasty pesticides and chemicals. The only things added are the sun and the rain. Oh, and a little patience.  

After our Moringa trees have soaked up these nutrient dense soils and grown to maximum goodness, our leaves are lovingly handpicked, carefully washed and left to naturally dry. No heat is ever applied in the drying process.

From here, the leaves are made into moringa powder, packaged and made ready for export by our Indian partners. The highest organic practises are adhered to every step of the way, from the planting of the moringa seeds to the packing of the powder, all certified by OneCert, the Indian organic authority.

We strongly believe that small scale organic farming is a viable alternative for marginal farmers in India and by choosing the Moringa Leaf Company you are completing a chain, which through our partners helps give training and a living wage to the farmers in the co-operative, creates a sustainable environment, helps combat malnutrition and brings happiness and well being to you. 

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