The Moringa Tree Project - You Buy A Bag, We Plant A Moringa Tree.

Moringa Tree project

For every bag of Moringa leaf powder we sell, we will plant a Moringa Tree in conjunction with the non-profit organisation Village Volunteers at schools and orphanages across the world where child malnutrition is most prevalent.

Village Volunteers have a wealth of frontline experience working with local communities affected by malnutrition and like us at the Moringa Leaf Company, don't believe in hindering growth by creating a dependency on outside aid. 


Instead, their work is based on empowerment and self sufficiency: whilst help and guidance is offered to begin with, all village projects are carried out and managed by locals to create a renewable and sustainable future whilst restoring balance and harmony to nature.

The Miracle Tree 

Moringa trees can provide an easy, inexpensive and sustainable solution for reducing malnutrition through their many health benefits.

Although it's only recently that we've caught on in the West, Moringa has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for centuries to treat over 300 ailments.

The nutrient-rich Moringa tree is very hardy and drought resistant. It can grow up to 15ft within 6 weeks even in the harshest of conditions which is normally where malnutrition is most prevalent. So results will be super fast!

As a result, Moringa has been touted as a major weapon in the fight against malnutrition in impoverished nations because of its rich and varied source of nutrients. 

The World Health Organization has repeatedly stressed the importance of amino acids and protein for growing children.

Fortunately, Moringa leaves are massively rich in all these nutrients, with the added benefit of large doses of vitamins, trace minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and a host of protective phytochemicals.

The University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany claim that when Moringa powder is mixed into children's cereals, they regained normal weight and health status in 30-40 days, half the time it took the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's (UNIDO) recipe for malnourished children which took 80 days. 

“It is a very healthy satisfying food that meets all nutritive needs. It is cheap to produce, can be cooked or eaten raw, sold in the market, or dried as a powder to be sold over long distances,” said Nicolas Foidl, a leading researcher at the University.


Other Major Moringa Health Benefits

If all this wasn't enough, the Moringa Tree also offers up the additional bonus of generating clean drinking water.

Moringa seeds contain special non-toxic polypeptides that act as natural filters. When the seeds are ground into a fine powder and mixed with water, it causes sediments to clump together and settle out.

Amazingly, just two Moringa seeds are enough to purify a litre of dirty water which could be riddled with who knows what. "It was very effective - about 99.5% separation of turbidity in 30 minutes,.” said Foidl.

In addition, the sale of the leaves and pods - for food, cooking oil and bio-fuel - can help foster economic growth and generate a sustainable income for rural villagers. 

A recent study confirmed that the fresh leaves and branches of the Moringa tree also served as an excellent source of forage for cattle, boosting milk production in cows without affecting its taste, smell, or colour.

No wonder the locals call it 'The Miracle Tree'!

Get Involved!

Here at the Moringa Leaf Company, we are trying to do things a little differently.

It's not about throwing charity at issues but about working with people on the frontlines to turn these issues into opportunities.

From supporting small hold organic farmers in India to combating malnutrition to providing the very best raw Moringa Powder for you to pop into your smoothie or juice, our aim is to meet and uphold the very highest ethical standards where everyone is HAPPY:)